Passing the Heir Torch

Nate (Gen 4 Heir) has stepped aside for Gen 5. Welcome, Grace 🙂
Her story starts getting shared next week and I’m pretty excited about that!

So, how did Nate & Kristy do regarding their random legacy rolls? Take a look.
How Did Generation 4 Do?
Not bad overall. Due to the Idle Career rule, neither would reach L10 in their respective careers ~ not necessary I know, but I do like them to retire at the height of their careers. Kristy also wouldn’t be able to choose the Scam Artist branch of the Fortune Teller career so hers is the first “fail” I have.

Now that Grace is official, I can share the random rolls that she gets to work with.
Generation 5 Rules & Guidelines

This is going to be fun! Continue being fun. Oh… you know what I mean!!!

Thank YOU for reading & leaving a comment. Both are awe-sim!!!

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