Status Update

My brief hiatus turned into anything but brief!

Hosted and participated in a couple of s3 homemade gift exchanges plus held a s3 baby shower for a good friend. Lots of busyness in RL too as our daughter is in her senior year of high school. She was accepted to her top two universities, plus one other, and all three offered her scholarships. She has decided to attend the University of South Florida for her undergrad studies and hopes to be able to go to Colorado State University for her graduate studies. This girl rocks my socks and I am proud/honored to be called Mom.

Unfortunately, Tanu experienced some game glitches and lost quite a bit of her version of the Snyder family. That means that we are no longer able to co-play. While this greatly saddens me, I have decided that I will continue telling the story on this end… as a gift to her for the wonderful friendship/sisterhood that she and I share.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! Once the dust settles around here, I shall be back and getting re-acquainted with this fun family.

4 thoughts on “Status Update

    • Thanks, GC! After the holiday break, school days start to zoom past… I mean it’s March already. Before we know it prom and graduation day will be here. Busy, exciting times!

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