Generation 4

Roll baby, roll…

Family Structure: Couple

Number of Children: 4

Nate – Business
Spouse – Fortune Teller (Scam Artist branch)

Generational Goal:
Idle Career – Your Sim won’t make any effort in his/her career. Don’t learn any skills, read any books or do any opportunities for the career. If you reach the top of your career’s level, it won’t be because of your efforts, but only because it’s just YOU. More to the rule, but none of them apply to Nate or Spouse. Yes, I have decided that both heir and spouse will be doing this! Wheee… what fun this will be.

Miscellaneous Fun:
Random Traits – Exactly what it says. Click the random button every time you’re asked to pick traits.

Poor Nate has a real challenge ahead of him, doesn’t he?! LOL

Thank YOU for reading & leaving a comment. Both are awe-sim!!!

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