Gen 2 Chapter 1: The Wedding Album ~ Kayla & Jeremey

“Spooky Day will happen tomorrow. Perfect time for us to get married!” Jeremey thought. “People will be off of work and if we have the wedding in the early afternoon then it shouldn’t affect evening Costume Parties or Trick-or-Treating SimKids.”

Jeremey is a thoughtful guy and seems to have a plan in place. Read the Wedding Album ~ Kayla & Jeremey to see how these plans pan out.

2 thoughts on “Gen 2 Chapter 1: The Wedding Album ~ Kayla & Jeremey

  1. I wanted to invite you to join because your stories would go so great there! I’m one of the Admins there (you used to know me by my Sims 3 username, enkeli63) and it would be great to have you join the community and share your stories with everyone!!

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