Things are Coming Along Quite Nicely!

HI there!

It has been a little while since I last did an update, but even though I have been silent up here at the front counter there has been A LOT of work done in the back. Dusting. Polishing. Moving Shelves. Organizing boxes and bins.

With that being said…

Founders (Generation 1) stories have all be posted here. Hooray!!!

If you are interested in reading about how this challenge was set up, click on Getting Started.

To see what user-created lots were used in this game, click on Links.

Interested in the Snyder Family Tree? Check out Meet the Snyders and Snyder Siblings.

The Generational Rules & Guidelines (What I rolled!) is found here.

Prefer to read the story and not concern yourself with the rules and background stuff? Well, that’s fine too!

The Wedding Album ~ Zach and Nichol is the first post in this collection and at the bottom of each post is a way to go back to read the previous post as well as a second way to continue forward to the next post (once it has been published, of course!).

Zach and Nichol have the wedding album, then a three-part sharing of Memories (titled Telling Their Story – part 1; Telling Their Story – part 2; and Telling Their Story – part 3) and finish up their generation with a re-cap of How Did They Do?

You are more than welcome to jump around and start anywhere you like, but I suggest starting with the Wedding Album and reading onward from that spot in order to get the full story.

Thank YOU for reading & leaving a comment. Both are awe-sim!!!

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