Gen 0, page 2 is NOW Available!

A New Beginning has been published. I am pleased with how the story is progressing and I hope you are too! Sunlit Tides is a beautiful town and Nancy is going to like living there.

While I am not using money cheats to increase wealth, I did make a slight exception with the house. She needed a decent house and receiving it via inheritance money fit in really well with her story. The rest of her net worth is now up to her. Wish her luck!

4 thoughts on “Gen 0, page 2 is NOW Available!

    • Goodness … you went a ways back, didn’t you?! LOL

      I started that story a number of years ago and after 14 posts, the game got corrupted to the point of no return & I had to pull the plug on it. It broke my heart.

      The pages are still here behind-the-scenes but I didn’t want people to read, get invested and then *POOF* no more so I removed them from the menu bar.

      This blog gathered dust for a few years before I got the nerve to start again with the Randomacy.

      Happy to say it’s been going strong since 2014.

      Thank YOU for stopping by and sharing this walk down memory lane with me. šŸ™‚

      • Ah, I see. That makes sense.
        Yes, I use the same setting throughout the Randomacy. Other stories might or might not use those settings … it all depends on the type of story I’m telling. I typically use Normal lifespan but might adjust each stage accordingly.

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