2 Times the FUN! A Randomacy co-played by Tanu & Addy!!

(better late than never!)
Back in November 2014, Tanu and I decided to do the Random Legacy Challenge TOGETHER! That means we take the SAME Founders, place them in the SAME world and see what happens in our respective games. Sound fun, right?! It is!!!

What is a Random Legacy? Glad you asked.

Please go to http://randomlegacychallenge.blogspot.com/ and check it out!

After MUCH discussion (in a short amount of time!)…
We decided to play in Riverview.

Time to EDIT TOWN!
Game lots we are using – placed either automatically by the game or by us:
Aleister’s Elixirs and Sundries (250 Cotton Branch Drive)
Barney’s Salon and Tattoo (225 Cotton Branch Drive)
Community Fire Department (1060 Dogwood Lane)
Flying V’s Coffeehouse (15 Hidden Grove Lane)
Grady’s Junkstop (275 Cotton Branch Drive)
Landgraab Sell n’ Swap (303 Cypress Lane)
Performance Park (10 Hidden Grove Lane)
Varg’s Tavern (across the street from 45 Hidden Grove Lane), added a 40×40 lot via World Editor

Store venues we are using:
Business as Usual Bistro (1047 Dogwood Lane)
Deliciously Indulgent Bakery (1067 Dogwood Lane)
The Century Manor Then – the pretty one! (added a 40×40 lot via World Editor on Bounty Drive; next to lot containing Wonderland Amusement Park)

Exchange lots: Information will be found in a separate post.

Tanu sent over (via email) a couple of Sims, Nichol Reiley and Zachary Snyder. Pictures will be shown in a separate post.

We are going to do our best to follow the rules/guidelines but want this to be a really fun adventure for both of us so if in doubt about any rule or something that comes up DURING game-play, we will discuss and make a “judgement call” together.

Founders found, check.
World decided upon, check.
Lots added, check.
Selected the starter house, check. We chose Tish Cottage at 27 Lost Willow Road.
Rolls for Founders (Generation 1) done, check.
Time to get going!
A little bit of play occurred and we would text or email stuff we just HAD to share 🙂

**brakes applied and tires slightly squeal in protest**
We then had to take a wee break due to co-hosting the Homemade Holiday Gift Exchange as well as enjoying the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Now we are back playing/enjoying this co-adventure and think it is time to share some of it with all of you!
Please read and enjoy (hopefully!) 😀

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6 thoughts on “2 Times the FUN! A Randomacy co-played by Tanu & Addy!!

    • 10 Generations means pretty long sleeves because a lot is going to be up them! LOL

      Thanks for reading (Although I should probably say binge reading since I see a number of replies by you. Looking forward to your impressions/opinions/comments)!

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