1st Moments & More

Now that Nate is a toddler there are plenty of “firsts” for him
Nate PottyNate TalkNate Walk

Another first! Zach joined Nichol after she built a sporty snowman
TWO Ghosts

Love Day is almost here and love is definitely first on certain Sim minds

Terrell Snyder-Kouadio
Terrell Kouadio proposed to Rosie. She said YES!
Terrell is a Stylist.

Raheem Blackwell
Raheem Blackwell proposed to Nikki. She said YES!
Raheem is in the Medical field.

Nikki marries Raheem on Love Day. She changes her name from Nikki Snyder-Parrott to Nikki SP-Blackwell.
Her son, Bobby, also has news of his own… his girlfriend, Caren Bagley, is expecting their first child! Nikki is going to be a grandmother!

Caren Bagley
Caren has a job in the Culinary career.

Plenty of things to smile about as Kayla takes her family to the festival
LoveDay Photo

The next day…

Reiley goes to work and discovers that he has a new boss, Shonda Harris. Freddie Broke has retired so he can spend more time with his wife, Karin, and the kids still living at home, Seth and Vanessa.

Rosie marries Terrell and they move to 45 Lost Willow Road
Rosie 2nd house

Nikki’s youngest son, Dorian, is now a teen. He has joined a band and started dating Nikole Ivanov. Time is certainly moving right along. Kayla decides to take a break from writing and goes to visit her sister’s household, but only Nikki is home.

Last Visit
Nikki seems rather focused in discussing art and painting, turning the conversation back around to it time and time again. Kayla wonders what brought on this sudden intensity and takes a short walk while she ponders what this might mean.

Within minutes of arriving home, Kayla gets a phone call from Raheem letting her know that Nikki has passed on. Kayla almost drops the phone as tears fill her eyes and blurs her vision. She thanks Raheem for letting her know and ends the call.

Kayla goes and stares at the painting her sister had done as a child. Nikki drew a nice red and white lighthouse overlooking the ocean. Maybe she could give it as a gift to Bobby, now that he is about to become a father, and share some of the stories that Nikki and she created together. Kayla begins to smile as her heart and mind recall all the good times they shared…


Goodbye, Nikki SP-Blackwell. You will be missed.

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