19 Mirthful Lane

The Challenge:
BnS #221 Nicholas’s Tiny Problem
created by iampes23

You have finished the dinner dishes, and you are just settling down in front of the fire to watch your favorite television show when you hear at knock at your door. You check the clock as you head to the front door, wondering who could be calling on you this late at night. You open the front door and let out a huge gasp. The man on the other side of the door is wearing a red suit trimmed with frothy white fur. He is sporting a long white beard. But he looks far from jolly.

“Excuse me for calling on you at this late hour,” he says politely. “My name is Nicholas, and I am in dire need of your immediate assistance.”

Wondering what could be so pressing, you invite him into your warm home. You put some tea and cookies out, and Nicholas happily munches cookies as he tells you his tale.

“I am a toy maker. My employees lately have started a labor union. Now, they are rebelling, saying they are tired of living in the dormitories I have provided for them. They are actually striking for individual tiny houses! This is the big toy season–I need them all working!”

You assure him that you can help him as you lay out more cookies. He grabs another cookie and relaxes.

“The houses should have a bathroom and sleeping area, a small kitchen and living room area. And a fireplace for heating the house. It can be decorated for Christmas, since I will be giving them out for that holiday. I don’t care what style, but I need one as soon as possible. If they can see the prototype, maybe they will get back to work!” Nicholas says loudly, shaking his cookie and spreading crumbs all over your new sofa.

Further discussion leads to a budget of $65,000 for the prototype tiny house.

The brief:
*due December 31st
*budget is $65,000, which includes the price of the lot.
*create a tiny home not more than a total of 44 livable individual squares/spaces in any configuration.
*include a bathroom, sleeping area, living room area, and a kitchen area.
*include a fireplace and landscaping.


My Crack at it:
19 Mirthful Lane
built at 42 Sulfur Springs Road, Aurora Skies (20×20)

Cost: §47,118 (includes the price of the lot)
Fully tested & upgraded

Download: HERE!



Living/Dining plus tiny Kitchen




It looks especially cozy in the Winter!

♥ Addy

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