Gen 8


Roll baby, roll…

Family Structure: Mixed Couple
This roll works exactly like Couple, with the added requirement that the children be a mix of biological and adopted children. Your Sim must produce at least one biological child, and adopt at least one child. You may have more children than the amount you rolled for to fulfill this rule. i.e., if you roll for 1 child, you will have to have an extra child so you can have both adopted and biological children. If you roll for two children and have biological twins before adopting, you still need to adopt one more. If you wish, you may use a clone from the science center (Generations EP) instead of an adopted child.

Number of Children: 5

Ben – Nectar Maker
Partner – Gardener

Generational Goal: Social Bunny
Once a Sim week (Sunday to Saturday) your Sim must either go on a date, or on a group outing. It’s not required that these outings get a “great” rating, or are even liked, what’s important is that they happen. Try to vary the places you go as well, although that’s not a requirement.

Miscellaneous Fun: Opposites Attract/Perfect Match
Ah, but sometimes there are good reasons for a pairing! This rule has two flavors. You only have to fulfill one. Though if we had scoring (we don’t) you’d surely get extra credit for fulfilling both (mad respect).

Flavor A (Opposites Attract): Your heir may only procreate with sims who have a trait that conflicts with one (or more!) of their own. For this roll, it will be important for your sim to have a trait that can conflict with others, so when you are choosing their traits you may want to keep this list of conflicting traits in mind.

Flavor B (Perfect Match): Your heir may only procreate with sims who share at least one of their own traits.

For both flavors, the restriction only applies to the heir and the sim(s) the heir will have children with during the course of the generation, so in rolls such as ‘single parent with help’, the helper sim is exempt. Re-roll if your heir was subjected to “deadbeat parents” because of the rolls of the previous generation, or if your heir will not be continuing its line through breeding. If you like, you may also re-roll if you have “step children” for family structure, since both rolls narrow your heir’s choice of a partner, and we do want to see your legacy continue!

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